About Us

Why Are We Here?

Because organic is good for you

Organic read is here to create awareness among the masses about the need to include organic food and organic products in their life. This portal is all for you to read out for the sake of your health and benefit your surroundings by choosing a healthy natural lifestyle. Numerous studies and scientific researches show that conventional food/products are toxic to human health and threatening human lives. This is the time we all need to change our consumption and eating habits.

About The Author

Hello! This is Ali Asghar Juzer. I am a bachelor’s student with a keen interest in organic food processing and miracles of organic products (which are made out of natural materials). With almost 2 years of research and in-depth study in this area, I have learned a lot of fantastic stuff and now want to share it with the world. With the power of the internet, I always tried to spread the words of goodness and wellness with others, and here is my little effort to people aware of the importance of consuming natural and organic food and products.

There were numerous reasons for which I created this website. Here are few:

  • The plastic production and consumption ratio is increased to the life-threatening level.
  • To make people aware of the importance of organic diet plans and their benefits.
  • To introduce organically prepared products and products which are eco-friendly.
  • To offer the readers a bunch of words that can make them rethink about their routine habits.