What Is Organic Food? Is It Really Good for Us?

Learn about organic farming and know what actually organic food refers to. Explore why it is good.

What is Organic Food?

Questions like these are asked so frequently, and I am quite happy to know that people are concerned about their health a lot.

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What is Organic Food?

The word organic means anything produced or manufactured without the use of artificial manures and chemical byproducts. Organic food means naturally grown crops with no use of pesticides and chemical by-products. Growing crops in their natural habitat bring you organic food.

The organic food process starts with organic farming, and it has a lot to do with how a plate of organic food served to our dining tables. The debate on whether it is good or not will be concluded in the end. First, let’s discuss organic farming, as your plater of organic food originates from there.

What Is Organic Farming?

Naturally grown crops and no use of chemicals? Yes, it is, but organic farming has much more to say. This is a complete method of crops and livestock rearing and production, which is done by following a strict and determined process. The process has a say not to use pesticides, artificial fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMO), chemical byproducts, or any antibiotics.

This is a cultivation method that is developed and designed in a way to optimize the natural wellness of the crops and make them healthier. The organic products in the stores are identified with a USDA stamp on them.

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has a guideline that should be strictly followed to get the label of organically produced goods. This guideline has many strict rules which state each and every step, from seeding the flower to the packaging of the final product.

Why Organic Food Is Good?

Why organic food is good

Fewer Pesticides:

Pesticides are in the form of various types of herbicide, insecticides nematicide, bactericide, insect repellent, animal repellent, antimicrobial, fungicide, etc. which are harmful to the crop. To prevent the use of pesticides, organic farmers use naturally present pesticides such as pyrethrin, which is found in flower. This is one main reason why organic food is good.

Higher Level of Vitamins, Minerals & Omega-3:

Many pieces of research in this area have proved that organically reared crops have a little but yet increased number of vitamins (varies according to the crop), minerals, and omega-3 as compared to conventional food crops. It is due to the use of natural manures and cultivation methods, which allows the crops to grow fully, restoring all its energy and making organic food better option.

No Chemicals or Preservatives:

The main thing which we humans want in this artificial era is organic food. Where almost every second thing which we are eating has sprayed with pesticides and chemicals to make them grow faster and look delicious, switching to organic food means the intake of only real pulp and no chemicals and preservatives.

Best for The Immune System:

It is natural that by proper intake of good food, your immune system will remain healthy and fit for a longer period and also will be able to fight with hazardous bacteria and alike organisms. Organic food helps your immune system to get healthy and strong in the long term.

Good for Our Mighty Land:

When all the right methods of cultivation are used, and the land is allowed to restore its energy in natural ways, our landfills will be able to give their best and offer the premium vegetation. This is the give and take theory; what you give to the land, the same will come back to you.

Organic = Organic

Healthier Lifestyle:

People consuming organic food often get the intake of added valuable nutrients such as antioxidants, as compared to the conventionally grown food. It also helps people with allergies to chemicals or preservatives in diets to find fewer symptoms of disturbance in their daily life. Not scientifically proven, but yet it is an excellent way to prevent the intake of unhealthy stuff.

Is Organic Food Really That Beneficial?

Is Organic Food Really That Beneficial?

For a healthy life ahead, avoiding the intake of chemicals and pesticides is the best way. Although, there is not enough evidence to support the statement that organic food is healthier than the conventional one. But the things which are tested and proven are that the organic food which is naturally grown and processed has a higher level of vitamins and minerals due to their cultivation methods and raring style. This makes a winning position for organic food in the market and gives us a reason to switch to it.

What do Doctors Say About Organic Food?

Dr. Alejandro Junger (A famous medical director and creator of the clean program) has quoted a very short but a truth of today’s generation. He says;

“We are not eating food anymore; we are just eating food-like products.”

Dr. Alejandro Junger

The National Research Council has claimed that the dietary intake of pesticides, especially in children is higher which is an alarming situation on what we are feeding to our future generation. Once tested, a mother’s milk was found to have more hazardous pesticides than the packed baby milk, and it is due to the intake of such bash and unhealthy food by the mother. The doctors all around the globe, especially in under-developed countries, all are trying to people aware of how essential it is to change their unhealthy eating habits and switch towards the consumption of organic food.

Now, it is your turn to understand this and make a change for good and share your experience with the whole world!

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